Did you know that water bodies cover 73% of the earth’s surface? Now you know. Fishes are majorly one of the most exotic species due to their colorful bodies and beautiful fins. Here are some of the most amazing fishes in the world,
Lyretail Anthias
The fish is a marine aquarium creature found in Indo-West Pacific Ocean. The most interesting thing about the fish is that all the young ones are born as females and then change to male as they grow. The fish occurs in a varity of stunning colors. From blue, pink to gold, the fish is naturally colorful. The male lyretail anthias have a size of five inches while the female is a bit smaller in size.
Lionfish is perhaps one of the most poisonous fish in the world. They are striped with long red and white lines. Found in the Indo-Pacific region, the fish has lines that help in defending it against the ocean enemies. The lionfishes can make instant movement in the water and catch their prey quickly. They are about 11 to 15 inches and weighs up to 1.5 kg.
Symphysodon Discus
This particular type of fish shows unusual, intelligent behaviors, unlike other fishes. It displays different moods. They are very social, and they always travel in groups. The fish is found mainly in Amazon basin of South America. The fish also has various colors like, blue, brown, green, golden and reddish.
Moorish idol
It's one of the smallest fish in the world. It is mainly found in Indian Ocean, South Africa, and Japan. Moorish idols have unique, glamorous yellow and black stripes that make them look so beautiful. They live in coral reefs and spend most of the time on the surface of the ocean. They move in troops whenever they are traveling.
This type of fish exists in 40 different species. They are native to the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Their big ones are 3.3 meters, have strong and very sturdy teeth which help them to catch preys very quickly. They have different colors in different parts of the body, blue, green and yellow.
French Angelfish
It is one of the sub-species of Angelfish. They are native in Caribbean seas. They have beautiful bodies with a nice pale mouth. They inhibit in rocks and reef system under the seas. They grow up to 24 inches.
Mandarin fish
These are the most beautiful fishes found in the Indo-pacific region. They have blue-green mixed bodies with orange lines. They are very active and peaceful. They live in coral reefs and-and they have a lifespan of 15 years. Amazing!
They are very colorful and attractive fishes. There are 28 species of clownfishes in the world. They have beautiful bodies with three brighter white bars. Fishes of the clown type are born as males and become females as they grow.



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