Phlerng Leang Phlerng-[46Ep End]

Phlerng Leang Phlerng
Phlerng Leang Phlerng
Drama Detail :

Broadcast : Wednesday - Thursday at 20.20 pm.
Starring : Boy Pakorn, Matt scriptures of Sidney, Bhima R. Kearney, single - Suri Motors, mint - Nat Vara, CA - Kosin, diffusion. - Pitchaporn Tr, nut - Wanna prowess and actors skilled congested
Plays by : Tip pollen episode of television films produced by the company: Maker's Group Ltd. Directed by : Manchester Savant

Description : When enemy fire at random bosom of the Father's heart rhythm to Tknrktaggepen ball. The girl had spent their whole lives to destroy the happiness of enemies with a vengeance just hope that I can find happiness again. But this game is not easy when the gratitude of the time the fruit is shielded. And will smite all the people to protect their families. When the game to the point of suppressing the fire of love in his heart. He had to do all the way to extinguish hatred in your heart, this time with a love that girl could resist a light wash light airs every Wednesday - 20:20 to 22:50 pm Thursday fire light wash broadcast time. Clear Channel LED light 3 HD.
Phlerng Leang Phlerng-[46Ep End]
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