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Kon Brosa Reach Vong-[56Ep End]

Drama Detail: Drama-law Zhao (Saphai Chao) Sali beautiful young librarian of the Library of Sukhumvit district. She was the daughter of his boss, who died a long time ago with corporate Takษai heated greenhouse gardeners, daughter of Nonthaburi. When her husband died Warm house still grateful Kgawแdgแkgrgan necklace from her sister's husband. Which takes care of her And two daughters for a long time. She decided on the Sri Chitra eldest daughter works at home. This is your home necklace Sali was raised by the grandparents who are raising a house downtown. Sali grown in home gardens with love and warmth from her grandparents fully. She is a girl who loves to read books cheerful and clever inventors are themselves fully. Against the Sri Chitra, a sister who grew up neatly sweet good housekeeping. And without any arguments, everything in the life of Sri Chitra warm house, and it depends on your decision, the aunt of the chain. Life continues like this for a long time following the play-in-law Zhao (Saphai Chao) for Channel 3 and drama-in-law Zhao (Saphai Chao) broadcast daily Monday - Tuesday at 20:25 pm.
Kon Brosa Reach Vong-[56Ep End]
Reviewed by 7Khmer
On 12/10/2015 12:28:00 PM
Rating: 5

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