Plov Kamtep Brae Besdoung-[14Ep End]

Drama DetailTripop story of a young man as well as fears that the new bride's father, who was flawless English to bleed more money than expected to marry for love. The plan hopes to catch the bride's wedding crashes. But the pressure error when he caught Pat's sister Hilda flawless English instead, then took her into custody on the island Akehgss. Bullying and goodies But that was the love of the couple formed. When flawless English that he was going to be better than yourself down because Tripop caught her wearing his father. And cut payroll and income of everything. Her sisters make plans slander Tripop misconceptions about the violent clash. Pat vine, so keep your home and free from Tripop. Let's end with it all alone. Tripop very sad thinking back to America and never returned. The younger couple would end up like this. Cupid way through Channel 3 through Cupid broadcast time 20:15 to 23:00 pm. Cupid way through Daily broadcasting Friday - Sunday
Plov Kamtep Brae Besdoung-[14Ep End]
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On 12/01/2015 10:56:00 AM
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